1-Year Road Hazard Damage Warranty

1. This warranty plan only applies to Hong Kong and Macau and does not apply to parallel imported products or tyre products purchased from non-Wah Seng Far East Limited authorized distributors.

2. Products applicable for Road Hazard Damage Warranty:

    • Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6
    • Eagle F1-Sport
    • Assurance MaxGuard
    • Assurance MaxGuard SUV
    • Efficientgrip 2 SUV
    • Electric Drive

3. Warranty Conditions:

    1. Within one year from the date of purchase or 10,000 km driven, whichever comes first.
    2. The residual tread depth of the tyres must be more than 5.0 mm.
    3. Warranty registration must be completed in the Goodyear Whatsapp System.
    4. Consumers are required to purchase four licensed Goodyear tyre products at once.
    5. All four of the above conditions must be met at the same time.

4. To apply for insured tyres, the dealer must submit the relevant document application to Wah Seng Far East Limited in accordance with the criteria of this proposal, and the application must be reviewed by Wah Seng Far East Limited. Wah Seng Far East Limited decision to accept or reject the warranty application is Conclusive and Final.

5. If the appraisal results fall under the following circumstances, compensation will be made in the following ways:

    1. Damage to the tyre caused by road hazards or other external forces on the tread and sidewall area, such as cuts, tears, bumps or puncture injuries that cannot be used continuously, or the damage cannot be repaired to restore the function of the tyre use, shall be covered by this warranty. Tread peeling and peeling damage caused by poor road surface is not included in the scope of this warranty.
    2. Tyres that are repairable to restore the normal function of the tyres are not covered by this warranty.
    3. Warranty application must meet all the requirements of product range, warranty period or mileage, residual tread depth and warranty registration.
    4. Those who meet the aforementioned warranty requirements will be compensated for the full replacement of the tyre. All cost of fitting, balancing and alignment the replacement tyre or any other related cost are calculated separately and is the responsibility of the consumer.
    5. The total number of warranty tyres in this case is capped at the number of tyres originally purchased.
    6. The warranty date, whether insured or not, is calculated from the date of original purchase, that is, the warranty period of newly replaced tyres by this road hazard warranty, is still be calculated from the date of original purchase.
    7. If four tyres are purchased at a time, but the tyres are installed on different dates, the original date of purchase is counted.
    8. When exercising this warranty right, consumers should return to the store where the original product was purchased to apply and carry out subsequent warranty replacement operations.
    9. Goodyear has provided a one-time towing service with a maximum value of HKD900. In case of tyre road damage failure, you can seek assistance through the Goodyear customer service hotline. If consumers have to replace a new tyre or provide roadside assistance at their own expense due to other factors, they may still bring the damaged tyre to the original purchase store to apply for a warranty tyre. Goodyear is not responsible for other derivative costs incurred by consumers at their own expense due to other factors.
    10. This warranty is physically compensated by “tyres” and cannot be compensated by cash or any other means.
    11. If there is no longer the same product (product discontinued / out of stock), you can replace it with another pattern of Goodyear free of charge, or if you want to replace with another brand, you can discount the purchase price of the original pattern product. In the event you decide for another brand, Goodyear will not be responsible for the other tyre on the same coaxial of the same car.
    12. The installation or alignment cost or other derivative costs of this warranty shall be borne by the consumer.

1-Year Roadside Assistance

1. Warranty conditions:

    1. Within one year from the date of purchase
    2. Warranty registration must be completed in the Goodyear Whatsapp System
    3. Consumers are required to purchase four licensed Goodyear tyre products at once.

2. 24-hour Roadside Assistance warranty qualification:

    1. Roadside Assistance is valid ONLY in the event of failure of the Goodyear tyre.
    2. The services provided are:
      1. Tire air replenishment (free service)
      2. Replacement of spare tires (free service)
      3. Limited towing service (up to HKD 900 subsidy)
    3. Besides the above basic towing services, other special handling fees or any other additional costs arising from this Roadside Assistance shall be borne by the vehicle owner.
    4. If the vehicle owner cancels the cost of canceling the service after the case is established and the service is dispatched, if the vehicle owner bears the cost of the roadside assistance service, the roadside assistance benefit may continue to be retained, and if the vacant trip fee is borne by Goodyear, the roadside assistance benefit shall be deemed to have been used

3. 24-hour roadside assistance hotline: 852-58030140

4. For those who do not qualify for Goodyear’s free roadside assistance service, the consumer must bear all the relevant and derivative costs of calling the service.