Goodyear Eagle F1 Sport

The Eagle F1 Sport is a fun sports tire that provides excellent handling and braking performance, targeted at driving enthusiasts. It features a signature Eagle Claw tread design and ActiveControl Technology, which provide outstanding stability around corners and optimized steering response. It also delivers superior braking on both wet and dry surfaces thanks to its DynamicBraking Technology while ensuring a quiet and comfortable ride for passengers.
Excellent HandlingExcellent HandlingSuperior Braking PerformanceSuperior Braking Performance

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Precise & Responsive Handling

Active Control TechnologyActiveControl Technology designed to maximize shoulder contact patch and increase tire stiffness. It greatly improves cornering stability and steering precision during cornering maneuvers.



  • Eagle Claw design with strong shoulder
  • Enhanced cavity shape & high-stiffness, light-weight belt component

Shorter Braking Distance

DynamicBraking Technology

DynamicBraking Technology –a combination of the signature eagle claw tread and high silica loaded tread compound for shorter braking distance on both wet and dry roads.



  • High silica loaded tread compound with upgraded polymer matrix
  • Enhanced cavity shape achieves a longer and more squared footprint with even pressure distribution
  • Eagle claw design for an optimum stiffness distribution

Comfortable and Quiet Ride

Closed tread pattern design with noise barrier strips to deliver a quiet and comfortable ride.



  • Closed tread pattern with narrow lateral grooves and an adjusted sipe geometry design
  • Specific rubber strips between the ply and the liner

Additional Feature

Drive with confidence with wide Rim Flange Protector designed to protect the tires and the rims from accidental curb damages during maneuver and parking



  • Wide Rim Flange Protector on all sizes

Available sizes

Tyre Rim: 15" Tyre Rim: 16" Tyre Rim: 17" Tyre Rim: 18"
195/55R15 205/55R16 215/45R17 215/40R18
195/65R15 205/60R16 235/45R17 215/45R18
215/45R16 225/45R18